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To make a binding booking of your room at the Kolping Hostel Salzburg, please use our online booking tool.

For all other concerns, please contact us by email or phone.

Dear guests!
It is our goal as your host to keep our prices and our service in equal balance.
As you know, at the moment, the situation in the hotel and catering industry is not an easy one.
There is an acute shortage of both professional and casual staff.
Energy costs and the purchasing of supplies are also a major cause for concern.
Due to these circumstances, as well as in the interest of the climate friendliness,  our hostel rooms are only cleaned from the 4th night of your stay onwards.
Naturally the rooms undergo a thorough cleaning after each change of guests.
However, if you wish to have your room cleaned daily, this is possible for an additional cost of 10€ per night.
Thankyou for your understanding

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